Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dalek figure full size photo

I uploaded this photo at the full 4000 pixels wide, straight unaltered from the camera, to show what the camera's 100% size image looks like. This was taken indoors too, so it shows that the camera is fine in varied lighting conditions.

I think there might be a little compression when uploading to blogger. not sure, but this is the best quality I can do for viewing on the web.

click photo for full size. In some web browsers, the image will then auto-size itself to your window. Use your browser's zoom tool to view the image at 100% zoom.

# EDIT: I just viewed the image on here in blogger, to see how it would look. The largest blogger will display it is 1600 x 1200 pixels, so it is less than half of its original size, but hopefully it still lets you get a feel for what the full image looks like. So, I've also added a second photo, which is the head of the dalek, cropped from the 100% size image.

head cropped from full image: (click image for full size)

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