Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just discovered the macro setting!

I was going in close and focusing, in P mode, but it was on the automatic focusing. I thought it would use 'macro' setting if I was up really close, because if you photograph in Auto mode instead of P mode, it switches to Macro. It turns out, in P mode, you have to manually select Macro mode if you want the extra closeness capability. So, I selected Macro, and went back to photograph the yellow flowers again. Wow! Here's a crop out of the photo I took, showing a 1024x768 area of it. The extra detail of using Macro is astounding!

Remember, the whole round flower - of which all the stuff in this photo is just lots of small parts of it, is 15mm wide! Now it looks like a garden of small flowers, but these are just tiny details of the flower from the previous photos! (click for full size)

and here's the photo this was cropped from. It's part of the flower in the middle of this photo:

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