Wednesday, January 5, 2011

low light, almost night

it was getting very dark outside, and the night-lights by the deck were on. I went outside with a tripod to see how the camera can handle the evening. I was very impressed with some of the shots! These shots are taken around 9:00 at night, so at this time of year, it's not completely dark yet. I'm using the P mode on the camera.

First I used the flash on a flower, since I didn't expect anything to show up without a flash. Here's the flash shot:

then I thought, why not? Try it without a flash and see what it will do. I put it on a tripod, because I expected it would take a while to take a photo. Here's the result!

as you can see, it's quite dark outside, but the camera was able to lighten the scene, and the flower is still visible, with vivid colours. What came next though quite surprised me. I took a shot looking out across the deck, and the camera compensated for the dim light, making a very bright and visible scene! The dim glow of the clouds became quite a bright white/grey in the background, and you can clearly make out the walls, table, trees and deck. The glow to the blinds in the windows is because the lights are on inside, and you can see the deck light is on. I was very impressed with how bright this photo was, and how much could be seen!

Lastly, I zoomed in on the deck light, to try and get an interesting picture, but this time the camera wasn't sure what to focus on, and in the dimness, it was pretty blurry, so I need to practice fiddling with the settings some more. Though it does have a nice kind of glowing effect.

All in all, I think it worked great in low light, so I'll have to try out some other types of scenes to test the camera some more!

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