Saturday, November 5, 2011

depth of field without using macro

For bigger subjects, I read some articles today, and have found how to get blurred background depth of field effect. However, the ISO was pretty big, so they were a bit noisy. Here's the one that turned out the best. Some leaves.

To get the blurred background, you need to be outdoors, so that the background is not close to the subject. In this case, about ten meters or so away from the subject.

Go to AV mode, and set it to the lowest value.

Zoom in as far as you can, and take note of what the minimum focal distance is at full zoom. For the canon sx130, at full zoom the minimum distance is 1 meter to the subject. So I stepped 1 meter away from the leaves, zoomed fully in on them, set at AV mode with the smallest value.

The result was that the leaves are in clear focus, but the background is all a blur. However, as I noted, I found all my photos were a bit noisy at 100% size. Of course, displaying the image much smaller, the noise doesn't seem so bad.

I should note too, these are all hand snaps, not using a tripod.

And another flower, without using macro. It's not as clear and crisp as when using macro, though, being 1 meter away from it, and late in the afternoon so not the greatest ISO.

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