Monday, December 12, 2011

Adobe Lightroom and the Moon

I'm experimenting with the trial version of Adobe Lightroom at the moment. My first testing was on the photo I took earlier of the moon. (It's not black sky, because the sun hadn't gone the whole way down at the time I took the photo - the sky was still blue).

I am so far impressed with its noise removal (the original photo was very noisy as well as being on full 48x digital zoom, rather than optical), and I also like that you can set a 'cropping ratio' (I use 1.0 : 2.4 for panorama shape) and as you resize the cropping rectangle, it stays locked in the correct ratio. I also liked that I could freely rotate the image, while maintaining the crop, and it remained looking smooth and clear despite being rotated.

Anyway, here's my adjusted Moon photo, using Lightroom, then applying my current 'matting' around it in corel photo paint afterwards.

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