Sunday, December 11, 2011

More photos from the Great Ocean Road

I've been having fun cropping scenes out of a wide range of shots I took while on holiday, and even things that didn't look like they were all that artistic or photogenic seemed so much better with just a touch of contrast and some cropping.

Not amazing, but even just a photo of the ground can sometimes be interesting.

I really like this one for some reason. The sun was getting low, and it was sort of foggy in the distance, and the seeding grass close to the camera was highlighted by strong sunlight.

I don't know what this metal thing is, but I walked past it on the way to the beach, and it looked like it was just waiting to be photographed.

I quite like the look of the trees in that area, they get very wide and flattish, and this one had a nice lean to it.

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