Monday, November 12, 2012

Butterflies with Lightroom 4

I'm really getting into the Lightroom 4 demo. Took a bunch of photos of butterflies out in the garden, then played with different cropping, lighting, smoothing, and stuff, and love how they turned out! I love that you can control sliders for shadows, highlights, blacks and whites, within the image - it's so easy, and it really transforms the image while you're watching as you edit.

My only complaint about the photos, is that I had to take them from over a meter away: firstly, because macro distance scared them away, secondly, because to zoom in far enough to get macro detail, you have to be a meter away to be able to focus with the camera.

The upside - great close shots of the butterflies! The downside - no blurred backgrounds behind the butterflies :(

Without the blurring, photos are a bit busy, and harder to focus on the subject matter: the butterfly itself, but I still like how clear the shots came out.

Anyway, here's the pics!


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