Thursday, November 21, 2013

self portrait without a studio

Had some fun this morning. I pulled my bedside table out from the bed, and parked a chair next to it. Sat so my head was level with the bedside lamp, and all the curtains, etc, closed so the room was really dark. With two hands, held a large dark cushion behind my head for a dark backdrop, with my left elbow back so it didn't block the lamp's light, and then had my camera close to me, on a 10 second timer, at 200 ISO to get the best quality without too much facial blurring from movement.

The screen on the G1X swivels, so I could watch myself as the timer counted down, ensuring I was posed, and at the last second, looked directly at the lense.

Here's the shot after a little bit of light balancing and cropping in Corel Photo-Paint X5!

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