Friday, May 23, 2014

Panorama - photo stitched landscape

So I'm doing proper panoramas now :) Before I was just taking the highest res photos my camera could do, and then cropping the top and bottom off, so they looked like a panorama shape, but now I'm taking multiple photos, using measured rotation angles, and stitching them together, then touching up the final image, to make images that are huge compared to the photos I've done previously. It means I can print out a panorama at A1 paper size with my current camera, and have ultra detail in the print, whereas before I was printing at A3 and there'd still be a hint of blurriness to the print. So the new method is a lot of fun, a little more time consuming, but I am enjoying the results.

This photo is almost 10,000 pixels wide at its original size (my monitor is only 1,920 pixels wide, so it's a LOT bigger than my screen!), but I shrunk the panorama and compressed it a little as a jpg to display a copy on this blog.

I love the detail level and sharpness in the full size image, and can't wait to see it printed out :) Of course, now I've got to spend more time and effort finding some good scenes to capture in this way. Today was a bit dreary and cloudy and gray, so this photo was more of a test run for getting the method worked out.

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