Friday, August 15, 2014

Got a DSLR now! Even more photography fun!

Edit: Not sure what's up with the colours, but putting photos on Blogger, it seems like Blogger is 'auto adjusting' the images or something rather than displaying them natural. It's particularly noticeable on the two purple flowers and the photo at the bottom, which look completely different on other sites outside of blogger, and in my photo editing programs. I think I'll probably be sticking to hosting my photos on Flickr now as things look fine on there and it gathers my favourite photos together for easy viewing. Anyway, if anyone wants to view me on Flickr, just go to this address:

I want to do a photography course, and the prerequisite was ownership of a DSLR. I was tempted to jump right in with a big expensive camera, but I decided that if I complete the course, I will upgrade, but that I would start off on a budget. So I found a second hand Canon EOS 600D with 18-55mm IS lens and a bunch of free accessories thrown in, and it's been lots of fun today trying it out around the house and the garden.

The thing I like the most, is that so far all shots are hand held - usually for this sort of thing I'd be using a tripod, but it's so much faster at taking photos than my previous cameras, and also - with point and shoots, the more you zoom, the further back you have to step from things to be able to focus. For example, at long zoom with the G1X you can't be closer than 1.5 meters. But with the 18-55mm IS kit lens on the 600D DSLR, I can stay at 25cm at all times. Changing the zoom didn't affect the focusing - that meant I could zoom in the full amount on a flower (or a bee!) without having to step back from the subject.

Anyway, I'm really loving this camera!

As usual, I played around in Lightroom after taking the photos. Mostly it's just adding a touch of Clarity Slider, and if it was 800 or so ISO, I reduced the image's noise as well if it was noticeable.

This impressed me - a bee shot, full zoom, handheld! And it's still pretty sharp!

I think this shot of the purple flowers in the garden (which I love taking photos of) is my favourite from today.

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